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Easy Fundraising Ideas – Fundraisers for elementary schools, high schools, church, cheerleading, sports, nonprofit & other fundraisers! Specializing in school fundraisers and proven fundraising ideas including candy bars, lollipops, coffee, candles, giftwrap, brochures, magazine subscriptions & more. Buy online or call Toll Free 866.874.8383 and talk to one of our specialists today! Up to 54% profit, FREE shipping and support.

FundRaiser Software: Fund raising program software for growing nonprofits FundRaiser Software offers fund raising software for the growing nonprofit. Prices start at $89. Start at the level that is right for you now and grow into the others as your needs expand. Free brochure and evaluation CD.

InkBank Fundraising - The most profitable and easy-to-manage inkjet and laser printer cartridge recycling fundraising program to support volunteer organizations! Looking for a new fundraising idea? Try our unique fundraiser today! InkBank offers you more free tools and support services to help you collect more cartridges and earn the most money of any cartridge-recycling program.

Pretty Good Popcorn Fundraising - Fundraise with one of America's favorite foods this season! A terrific fundraising idea for schools, sports, churches, and clubs of all sizes! Thinking of trying something new for you next fundraiser? Why not try our proven money maker - popcorn? Sell something unique, delicious and everyone's favorite snack! No up-front Credit Checks. FREE shipping! You pay only when the fundraiser is complete (usually 30 days).

Smencils - Gourmet scented pencils made from recycled newspapers. They're super easy to sell and they sell fast! People absolutely love them. Not only do they smell great, but they're good for the environment too! It's fundraising with a purpose.

Soap Garden - Wax & gel fundraising candles, lotions, and shower gels for fundraisers Is your group looking for a new fundraiser? Are you tired of the traditional hoagie and magazine sales? Try something new and very popular! WAX & GEL CANDLES, LOTIONS AND SHOWER GELS! Up to 50% profit and FREE Shipping!

T & T SPORTSWEAR Fundraising - Fundraise with t-Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, totes, aprons, & jackets - Adult & Youth sizes! We help hundreds of churches each year with their fundraising events. A shirt-fundraiser is a very inexpensive and low risk way to make money for any church group or organization.

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