Custom Pizza Discount Card Fundraiser

We want to introduce you to theCustom Pizza Card Free Pizza fundraising program - a program designed specifically for your group! Our staff will contact your local Custom Pizza location and negotiate the best free pizza offer possible. Once an offer is agreed to we will create an attractive custom pizza card identifying both your group and the participating store along with the special offer. The minimum order is 500 cards. Depending on the number of cards you purchase, your group can make more than 80% profit!

Custom Pizza Fundraising Details:

This is one of the easiest, most profitable fundraisers around. Depending on the number of cards you purchase, your group can make more than 90% profit! Your group sells the cards for $10 each. Your supporter gets up to 20 free pizzas worth more than $120. Your local pizza establishment gets new loyal customers. Everyone wins!

Pizza fundraising cards are the perfect high profit discount card fundraiser!

This is a great fundraiser for medium to large groups. Please review the minimum order requirements. It is also good at only one particular pizza establishment. Call one of our fundraising specialists toll free (866) 874-8383 if you have any questions about this great fundraiser.

Once we receive your order for Custom Pizza fundraising discount cards, we will:

  1. Contact your local merchant.
  2. Negotiate the best free pizza offer available from your local merchant and get a contract signed.
  3. Design and prepare your customized Easy Fundraising Ideas Custom Free Pizza Card.
  4. Ship your cards to you.

Here's all you will need to do:

  1. Decide how many cards you must sell to earn the money you need.
  2. Place your order (allow 14-21 days for processing).

Custom Pizza Card Fundraising Profit Chart

Cards Bought
Your Cost
Selling Price
Profit %
500 min.
$3.00 $10.00 70%
$2.00 $10.00 80%
$1.50 $10.00 85%

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