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Scratch Card Fundraisers

Custom scratch card fundraising is the highest profit scratch off cards fundraiser available! Get all the dots scratched
off these terrific fundraising cards and your group
makes a MINIMUM 80% PROFIT! It's That
You will be amazed at how well
this fund raiser will work for you.
Check out our great selection of
scratch off cards. We are sure you
will find one just right for you!

Never done scratch card fundraising? It's simple.

Your participants get potential sponsors to scratch off 2 of the 50 dots on the scratch card. The card will reveal suggested donation amounts that range from $.50 to $3.00. In return for the donation, you will give sponsors a Thank You gift of coupons from national sponsors worth $150 including a $10 off gift certificate from Finishline Shoe stores.

Scratch Card Fundraiser Details

Scratch card fundraisers are a quick,
simple and highly profitable fundraiser
for any group. We customized
fundraising scratch cards with your
group name so donors will know who
they are supporting.

Each participant will raise $100 once
all the dots are scratched.

Each of your supporters will also
receive a FREE $10 off coupon from
Finishline! PLUS coupons worth
an additional $140! THAT'S A TOTAL
VALUE OF $150 for each supporter!
Click here for the full details!

What You Get :

Our Deluxe Scratch Off booklets come with 25 coupon sheets, each including coupons from Domino's, Blimpies, Jiffy Lube, Finishline, Mrs. Enterprise Rent-a-car, Kodak, FTD.COM, Godfather's Pizza and Easy Fundraising. Every time someone makes a donation you simply hand them a coupon sheet to thank them for their donation.

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Scratch Card Fundraising Profit Chart

Number of Cards
Price per card
Money Raised Per Card
Profit %
10 minimum
$20.00 $100.00 80%
$18.00 $100.00 82%
$16.00 $100.00 84%
100 $14.00 $100.00 86%
250 $12.00 $100.00 88%
500 $10.00 $100.00 90%


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